Charlie and Melissa Rey

Toward the end of last Spring Alex and I made a trip out to Southern California. Unrelated to this blog post, I feel like I simply have to add how freaking rad Southern California is and how I will someday live there. 

One of my favorite things about traveling new places is being able to connect with other creatives in that area (Shoutout to the internet and Facebook groups for photographers that make connecting across the country so easy!). Melissa is SUCH a talented photographer, and I was so thrilled when she reached out to see if we could exchange some photos (check out her work at!). 

These two were such a joy to photograph and made it SO easy. I think the fact that Melissa is a photographer herself made it so she knew how to pose with her hubs in a way that allowed their love to truly come to life on screen. 

SO, for all of you with an upcoming photo session, (whether it's with me or another photographer) don't be afraid to be yourselves in front of the camera. Be goofy, be sweet, and don't feel awkward getting all lovey-dovey because I PROMISE it will make for the very best photos. 

Check out some favorites from Charlie and Melissa's session below: 

Christine Meyer