September 5, 2019

Hannah + Nick Max Patch Couple’s Session

Gosh.. These two. Hannah and Nick drove all the way to Max Patch from South Carolina for this session, and I am forever grateful. Not only are they incredibly photogenic ( I mean… just look at them), they’re also the sweetest couple ever. We hiked up to the top and could not believe how beautiful it was up there. Everything about this shoot was perfect. The light, the weather. Everything. If you’ve never been to Max Patch before, just trust me when I say it’s one of the most beautiful places. These two were such a joy to photograph and I’m so glad we were able to connect and make this shoot happen. Hannah is also an incredible photographer, so she even took some time to snap a few photos of me up there. I’m so grateful for opportunities to connect with other creatives and make dream sessions like this come to life. I have a feeling I’ll be back at Max Patch reeeeeaaaaaaal soon!